SAP BI And SAP BW Online Training

SAP BI And SAP BW Online Training Course Details…

What is the difference between BI and BW?

BW refers to SAP BW which is SAP Data Warehouse. Up to version 3.5, BW is being called by the name SAP BW. From version 7.0 onwards, the name has been changed to SAP BI. BI refers not just Data Warehouse, but a complete set of products provided by SAP to build a Business Intelligence system.

SAP BI/BW Online Training Course Content :
Overview and Concepts
Over view of SAP R/3
Necessity of SAP BW
Versions of SAP BW
Over view of SAP BW
Data Ware Housing Concepts
Landscape of SAP BW
Homogeneous + Heterogeneous
Integration of BW system with different systems
ERM + MDM + Star Schema
Extended Star Schema
Architecture of SAP BW
Objects in SAP BW
Info Area + Info Objects Catalogs
Key Figures-Cumulative and Non Cumulative
PSA + Transfer Structure/Data Source
Transfer Rules
Info Sources/Communication Structure
ODS + Info Cubes
Types of Info Cubes + Update Rules
Data loading using flat files
Master data + Attributes data
Texts data + Hierarchies’ data
Transactions data + Delta data loading
Data filtration techniques
Transfer rules level
Update rules level
Start routines
SAP BI 7.0
Business Intelligence Concepts and Overview
Modeling: Data warehousing workbench
Components of Data Warehousing workbench
InfoObjects + DataSources
Types of DSOs + DataSources Repository
Migration of 3.*DataSources and recovery of 3.*
Differences between ODS(Operational Data Store) and DSO
Data Loading: Master Data
Attributes Data Loading using flat files in BI 7.0
Texts Data Loading using flat files in BI 7.0
Hierarchies Data Loading in 3.*
Concepts on Transformations
Controlling the Data flow with Info Packages
and Data Transfer Process(DTPs)
Data flow concepts in SAP BI 7.0
Transactions Data Loading in BI 7.0
Flat files data loading to Info Cubes
Flat files data loading to DSO
Delta loading to Info Cube Via DSO
Standard + Direct
Write Optimized
Creating Transformations
Types of Transformations
Routines at Transactions
Field Level Routines + Start Routines
End Routines + Expert Routines
BEx Query Desinger
Introduction to BEx Query designer
Filters in the query
Characteristic Restrictions
Rows and Columns
Free Characteristics
Formulas –Calculated KeyFigures
New Selection-Restricted KeyFigures
Structure + Hierarchies
Attributes + Navigational Attributes
Variables + Text Variables
Characteristics Variables
Different Types of Variables
Conditions + Exceptions
Cell Definitions
Report to Report Interface(RRI)
How to use replacement path and customer exit
Customer exit Programs
Properties of the Components
Web Application Desingner
Creating Web Template
Web Items
Properties of Web Template
Table + Text Elements
Generic Navigation Block
Drop down boxes
Radio Buttons and Check boxes
Filters + List of Exceptions
Conditions + Integrating with the charts
Ad-hoc Query designer
Business Explorer Analyzer
Introduction to BEx Analyzer
Filters in BEx Analyzer
Drag and Drop Function
Various functions used in Analyzer
Creating New Workbook
Demo project
Types of Project
Project Preparation + Blue print phase
Requirements Gathering
Functional Spec design
Technical Spec Design
AS IS Process
Unit testing
Integration Testing
Final preparation
Cutover activities
Up-gradation Project
Up-gradation check list
Activities to be performed during up-gradation
Enhancement to the existing Implementation
Activities in enhancement to existing
Implementation project
Support Project
Various support activities
Handling Tickets
Support issues/errors
Resolving support issues
Advanced Topics in BI 7.0
Data Mart
Open Hub Destinations