SAP ABAP Programming Online Training

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SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language which includes the concept of logical databases which was first introduced in 1980s. By using SAP ABAP one can develop business applications for SAP R/3 system. The latest version of ABAP is supporting objects, i.e object oriented programming language. So, this module will be useful for technical graduates.

SAP ABAP Course Content

SAP ABAP 4 Course Content

* Introduction to ERP
* Overview Of ERP Package
* History Of SAP
* SAP Architecture
* Introduction To ABAP/4
* Features of ABAP/4

* Application Services
* Additional Services
* Central And Distribution Services
* Interaction B/w Work Processes
* Overview Of Work Processes

* ABAP Program Types
* R/3 Repository
* Syntax Of ABAP Program
* Statements
* Keywords
* Comments

Declaration Concepts
* Data types
* Data Objects
* Field Strings
* Field Symbols
* Internal Tables

ABAP Dictionary
* Tables
* Data Elements And Domains
* Handling Currency And Quantity Fields
* Views
* Database View
* Projection View
* Maintenance View
* Help View
* Search Help

Internal Tables
* Index
* Structured Internal Table
* Standard Internal Table
* Stored Internal Table
* Non-index
* Hashed Internal Table

Program Control Statement
* If Structure
* Case Structure
* Loops(do, While)
* Debugging

Modularization Techniques
* Macros
* Include Programs
* Subroutines
* Functional Modules